How to Become a Vendor

THE ALLEY EXCHANGE has a priority in creating an ideal environment which reflects the local Pierre community and offers the appropriate mix of goods. In order to ensure that we provide the community with an eclectic balance of merchandise and to avoid any product overlap between vendors, we ask that you provide a detailed list of product to be sold, as well as photos. If you are a boutique or shop owner that carry specific specialty brands, please list these as well!

We will be reviewing vendor applications and making selections based on the needs of the market on a first come first serve basis. Once a “niche” has been filled we will not sign on any additional vendors with competing product.

Please submit a small portfolio of your work or product offered to:

The Alley Exchange
Attn: Abby Morley
339 S. Pierre Street
Pierre, SD 57501 605-945-2441

Vendor Application

Business Name & Type (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Inc)

Primary Contact/Business Owner

Cell Number:

Mailing Address:


Email Address:


Facebook Page:

Please describe all types and price range of product to be sold:

Space Allocation & Fixtures

For tenants needing 100 sq. ft area; to ensure a cohesive flow of product & presentation, we will provide wall shelving & hardware for all walls & some floor fixtures. You may be required to provide your own fixtures it we do not have any to meet your needs. Please specify how much space and/or the type of shelving, wall hanging or food coolers you will need. You may also rent shelf space (slotting) with prices varying depending on needs. To give you an idea of the space layout you can reference the floor plan below. The numbered spaces are approximately 100 sq ft. 10x10. Shaded areas have already been reserved.

Approximate Square Foot Needed in 100 sq. ft. increments

I will provide my own fixtures:

Please provide example of fixture type and size that you need if fixtures are provided by The Alley Exchange:


Wall space is limited. I will need wall space with approximately:

# of shelves (24” long)

# of Hang bars (24” long)

# of face-outs (12” long)

I hereby am applying to sell at THE ALLEY EXCHANGE public market. I understand that this application and approval relates only to the products listed herein and that any further products will require approval by THE ALLEY EXCHANGE management. I certify that the products above are produced in accordance with all county, state and federal laws. I agree to comply with any necessary regulations or additional permits needed by the state if my products require it and to take responsibility for researching and procuring these (i.e. alcohol permits or fresh food permits) I understand that sales tax applies on all sales made at THE ALLEY EXCHANGE.

With this form complete, I understand that this is only an application, & a signed lease agreement is step 2 of securing an official space at THE ALLEY EXCHANGE. Management will contact you after your application has been processed & product is approved.

If you agree to the above terms please check box to continue your application submission.

Please contact Abby Morley with THE ALLEY EXCHANGE with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are excited to have you join us & will be in touch with you!

339 S. Pierre St
Pierre, SD57501

About The Alley Exchange...

THE ALLEY EXCHANGE is an exciting new development for a public marketplace, located in historic downtown Pierre, South Dakota. With 8,000 square feet of Main Floor area, we are offering permanent retail opportunities ideal for small business owners or larger retailers looking for a satellite location to assist in the sale of goods. Housing over 30 vendors under one roof will provide a unique opportunity to expand choices for consumers, while offering low risk opportunities for local artisans and micro businesses. Our mixed vendor marketplace creates "A Different Way to Shop" allowing consumers to find eclectic and one of a kind goods in a one-stop-shop.

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